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Blog managed by the DBGen team, with updated therapies, news and events involving hereditary eye diseases. We invite you to take part in this forum.

Organoids: advancing towards new personalized gene therapies

02/07/22 - Entrevista, Research,

DBGen INTERVIEWS ALEX GARANTO, PhD Assistant Professor at Radboud University Medical Center Nijmegen, Holanda). Specialist in molecular therapies for inherited retinal diseases and neurometabolic disorders.   Dr. Alex Garanto carried out his doctoral thesis at the University of Barcelona (2011) under the supervision of Drs. R. González-Duarte and G. Marfany, studying the function of CERKL, a gene associated with Retinitis...

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Dr. Roser González Duarte has been awarded the SCB Trayectoria Profesional Leandre Cervera 2022

30/06/22 - DBGen,

Dr. Roser Gonzalez Duarte, professor of Genetics, innovative teacher at the Universitat de Barcelona, leader and mentor of many women of science, excellent researcher and disseminator of the genetics underlying inherited retinal dystrophies, counselor of rare disease patients and patient’s associations, enterpreneur and co-founder of DBGen Ocular Genomics, has been awarded the “SCB Trayectoria Profesional Leandre Cervera 2022” by the...

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Organoids, generating human eyes for therapy

28/06/22 - Gene editing, Research, Therapy,

  Nowadays, most Hereditary Retinal Diseases lack effective treatment. One of the challenges in the development of new therapies is the difficulty to study the functional and physiological effects of the more than 270 genes that are associated with these pathologies. The second challenge is the generation of a reliable model in which to perform a massive screening of potentially...

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DBGen presents and interviews Lluís Montoliu on International Albinism Day

  Today we celebrate International Albinism Day. On this occasion, DBGen interviews Lluís Montoliu, an internationally renowned scientist for his long research career and his relevant contributions to the knowledge of the genetic and molecular basis of albinism. In addition, he is a renowned specialist in gene editing, the generation of animal models of rare diseases, and a highly recognized...

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Of all the advances that scientific and technological development has brought in the field of hereditary pathologies that affect vision, the most relevant and transcendent for the patient is the possibility of applying treatments for diseases that, until now, were considered incurable. Thirty years ago a new type of therapy was successfully launched: gene therapy. In general terms, gene therapy...

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Update on phase III therapies for hereditary vision disorders

  When discussing the treatment for prevalent disorders such as hypertension or asthma, hardly ever do we stop and consider the time and effort that are needed to move from the characterization of the pathology at the clinical level to the implementation of an effective therapy. Nevertheless, this long, highly regulated process is an unavoidable step to secure a safe...

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