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World Rare Disease Day. Interview with a patient

InterviewsPatientsRare Diseases
  Today is the World Day for Rare Diseases, that is, diseases that affect less than 1 in 2,000 people. Most of these diseases are pediatric and a premature diagnosis opens the door to treatments to stop or slow down the onset of symptoms. Their low frequency makes them largely unknown to most of the population and makes their detection...
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Interviews for International Sight Day

From Left to Right, Andrés Mayor, Marcela Ciccioli, Margaret Creus and Miguel Ruiz
In order to celebrate International Sight Day, DBGen  wanted to bring attention to rare vision pathologies and to to highlight  to people who persevere in the search for a genetic diagnosis as an essential requirement to access effective treatments. We have brought together the presidents of some of the associations of patients affected by retinal dystrophies to tell us how...
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DBGen interviews Dr. Lorena Castillo, on International Leber Hereditary Optic Neuropathy (LHON) Day

Dr. Lorena Castillo, LHON expert
Dr. Lorena Castillo is an experienced ophthalmologist and an international reference in optic neuritis and uncontrolled eye movement. After graduating from the University of Zaragoza, she completed her residency at the Hospital Universitario de Bellvitge (Barcelona), nad had stays at the most renowned clinical centers in the United Kingdom in ophthalmology: Moorfields Eye Hospital, National Hospital for Neurology & Neurosurgery...
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DBGen presents and interviews Lluís Montoliu on International Albinism Day

Today we celebrate International Albinism Day. On this occasion, DBGen interviews Lluís Montoliu, an internationally renowned scientist for his long research career and his relevant contributions to the knowledge of the genetic and molecular basis of albinism. In addition, he is a renowned specialist in gene editing, the generation of animal models of rare diseases, and a highly recognized science ...
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Interview with Marcela Ciccioli on progress of LHON patients treated with gene therapy in China

Gene therapyInterviewsPatients
We firmly believe that the achievements of women in the field of hereditary eye diseases have to be made visible and acknowledged worldwide. For this reason, and to celebrate the International Women’s Day, we have interviewed Marcela Ciccioli, President of Stargardt APNES Retina Argentina. Marcela is a tireless fighter, a source of energy and a beacon of hope. Her firm...
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Interview with Margaret Creus – Rare Disease Day

We are celebrating the Rare Disease Day giving voice to our patients and their families. Now is the turn of Margaret Creus, leader of PedRetina, pediatrician and mother of a patient of Stargardt’s disease. Margaret is also a tireless fighter, a commited seeker of innovative solutions and experienced organizer of sports and cultural activities, gathering thousands of people in order...
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