DBGen Ocular Genomics, SL, with headquarters in Barcelona (spain), is a company dedicated to designing, commercializing and conducting genetic analyses for the diagnosis of hereditary eye diseases. With the aim to demonstrate to its customers and collaborators that its processes and servicies achieve the highest quality, DBGen Ocular Genomics, SL considers as strategic the adoption of a Quality Management System according to the ISO 9001:2015 quality standard. This system is based on three principles:

  • The quality of services
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Continuous improvement


According to these principles, the management establishes the following strategic objectives:

  • Achieve full customer satisfaction by meeting their needs and expectations and complying with contractual, legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Reach customer loyalty through satisfaction.
  • Ensure that all aspects derived from genetic testing are of high quality, providing accurate and truthful results for the benefit of patients.
  • Promote and develop the innovation of DBGen Ocular Genomics, SL services to respond to the changing needs of customers.
  • Achieve the maximum motivation in all suppliers and employees regarding quality.
  • Guarantee the confidentiality, privacy and security of the information provided by our customers and suppliers to carry out our services.


To carry out and to comply with these objectives, it is the policy of the director to lead and foster the execution of the following actions:

  • Follow and apply the international recommendations made by public and private organizations of reference in the sector for the harmonization of genetic analysis processes, including sampling, management of secondary results not related to the pathology and counselling.
  • Maintain and extend, where appropriate, the scope of the quality management system in order to be effective and efficient in accordance with the UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2015 standard.
  • Establish the specific objectives and indicators to analyse the quality of processes and services and follow their evolution.
  • Provide technical and human resources to ensure that the quality policy is understood and applied by all staff of DBGen Ocular Genomics, SL and its suppliers.
  • Ensure a proactive stance regarding the quality policy so that all personnel of the organization and its suppliers are part of the culture of customer service and achieve the best quality at the lowest possible cost.
  • Address risks and opportunities that may affect the compliance of the service.


Gemma Marfany Nadal, PhD
Founder and Associate Director
May 27th, 2019