Dra. Roser González-Duarte


Roser received her Ph.D. in Biology (Molecular Genetics) from the University of Barcelona and did her postdoctoral training at the University of Edinburgh. She is Full Professor of Genetics at the Universitat of Barcelona. She has been deeply involved in the tuition of molecular genetics to faculty students and has gained recognition as the Chairman of the Department of Genetics and Director of the Masters’ degree in Biotechnology. She was elected President of the Spanish Genetic Society. For over the last two decades she has led a research team devoted to the study of the genetic bases of inherited retinal disorders. She is widely recognized for her contributions on novel retinal disease gene identification, development of diagnostic chips, mutation identification associated with hereditary retinal disorders and, recently, the development of highly specific and comprehensive gene panels and exome sequencing strategies for a high diagnostic yield of ocular pathologies. She is a co-founder of DBGen.

Dra. Gemma Marfany

Founder and Associate Director

Gemma Marfany is Professor of Genetics at the University of Barcelona (UB) Spain, specialized in molecular and human genetics, human genome, genetic diagnosis, and gene therapy. Her career as human molecular geneticist is the result of her scientific development in Barcelona, Edinburgh and Oxford Universities. She is currently the principal investigator of a research group focused on the genetic diagnosis of inherited visual disorders and the functional analysis of candidate genes in cell and animal models. She contributes to scientific divulgation weekly and is also involved in several Committees of Bioethics. She is head of the CIBERER U-718 unit, and member of IBUB (Institut de Biomedicina de la UB) and the Observatory of Bioethics and Law (OBD UB). She has currently published more than 100 articles in international peer-reviewed journals, including books and book chapters. She is a co-founder and CSO of DBGen.

Dra. Rebeca Valero

Director of Research and Innovation

Rebeca Valero received her PhD in Biology (speciality in Genetics) from the University of Barcelona. She was awarded with the extraordinary PhD prize. She has worked in Hospital Sant Joan de Déu in Barcelona as head of the Molecular Genetic service. She has a wide career teaching in the health care field. Besides, she has a solid experience in basic research as well as in the knowledge of pioneering methodologies applied to the genetic diagnosis of hereditary vision disorders.

Nerea Ugartondo

Relationship and Attention to Patients, Institutions and Clinicians
Quality Control

Nerea Ugartondo has a degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from the University of the Basque Country (Spain). She holds a master’s degree in Biomedicine. Currently, she focuses her research interests in the genetics of rare disorders. She joined the DBGen Team on January 2022.

Asunción Cantó

Administrative tasks

Asunción Cantó will join DBGen in October 2020. Dejudis has extensive experience as an administrator in the public and private sector. He is currently responsible for the billing and administration of the company.

Gema Blasco

Laboratory technique

Gema Blasco has worked during more than 20 years at University of Barcelona, acquiring a huge experience with different techniques. Since November 2018, she is working at DBGen as a laboratory manager.