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Spanish press recognizes our work and commitment

On Sunday, April 1st, the prestigious newspaper La Vanguardia in its printed version published an article about our company and our commitment to the people that suffers one of the more than 500 visual pathologies that have a genetic basis. The article highlights several characteristics of DBGen such as our commitment to innovation through the establishment of a cutting-edge science and technology-based company:

“Our team, constituted mainly by women, has been working in this field for the last 25 years and at a certain moment we found that it was the patients themselves and their families who requested the genetic diagnosis. This was the occasion to apply our knowledge to the resolution of specific cases and it encouraged us to take the step of creating the company, “ recalls Roser González.

and also our scientific quality in the field of genetic diagnosis and the research of inherited ocular diseases:

“We believe that innovation is one of our fundamental pillars and we are already designing new strategies to include regions that regulate the expression of genes and implementing additional tests to substantially improve diagnostic performance,” emphasizes the co-founder and CEO of the company.

Read the full report made by the journalist Joaquim Elcacho (Only available in spanish):

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