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Genetic counseling

Service offered by DBGen that involves a personalized meeting that can be requested before or after the genetic diagnosis to provide an exact and updated explanation the pathology affecting the family, and the benefits and limits of the genetic screening. This meeting is also intended to ensure that patients and families understand the genetic data, address any emotional factors, explain the ethical consequences associated with the genetic tests and plan the future based on the results of the tests.

The team at DBGen has been conducting basic research on hereditary eye diseases for more than 25 years and has contributed with numerous scientific publications in this field. It also boasts extensive experience in dealing with and treating patients directly. The high heterogeneity of eye diseases hamper a clinical and genetic diagnosis and the evaluation of the results. Due to the profound impact on the life of the patient and of his/her family, at DBGen we will address your concerns and inform you of the benefits and limitations of the genetic test performed, as well as of the advantage of extending it to other members of the family.

If your case requires specific care, request additional genetic counseling. This counseling can take place before or after any genetic diagnosis.

In what cases do we recommend requesting genetic counseling?

  • If your individual or family situation merits a specific evaluation due to involving a syndromic case or a complex clinical diagnosis.
  • If you have a prior genetic diagnosis and you want to reevaluate it or do additional tests to improve it.
  • If after receiving the results of the genetic diagnosis from DBGen, you need clarifications that require personalized care.
  • If you need guidance or information on new therapeutic treatments (gene therapy) or other mitigating treatments, especially for certain syndromic diseases.

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