How to send the sample?

To send the sample follow the next steps

The shipping address is as follows:

Faculty of Biology, ed. Prevosti, Planta 2, Universitat de Barcelona

Av. Diagonal 643, 08028, Barcelona, Spain

Marta de Castro, Department of Genetics, Microbiology and Statistics

Step 1

Take the DNA sample saliva sample or blood sample

Step 2

Send the sample as soon as possible

Step 3

Send the sample at room temperature

Step 4

Send the sample to the contact address. Avoid sending the sample on a Friday or before a holiday

Step 5

Please let us know by phone or email that you have sent the sample:

Marta de Castro:

+34 94 403 55 29

Roser Gonzàlez:

+34 93 402 10 34