DBGen contribute to the Spanish press especial edition about rare diseases

The December supplement (2018) of “El País” has been devoted entirely to disseminating knowledge about rare diseases. Among other topics, it has highlighted the importance of prevention, early diagnosis, the development of orphan drugs and genetic diagnosis.

One of the articles in the supplement is dedicated to rare diseases that affect the retina and among them describes the clinical symptoms of a frequent macular dystrophy, Stargardt’s disease. In the context of this article, DBGen highlights the importance of genetic analysis:

“Genetic diagnosis is the first step for precision medicine, because it ensures the clinical diagnosis, defines the type of inheritance and allows genetic counseling. But, in addition, it is essential to opt for new gene and cell therapies, and other specific treatments for each patient”.

DBGen Ocular Genomics has contributed and appeared in the media in a variety of ways, from reports that explain and their diagnostic activity to recognition for being a company led and managed mainly by women. (See information related to this topic: Revolution in Genetic Diagnosis, our contribution to Barraquer magazine and Spanish press recognizes our work and commitment)


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