World DNA day

Two intertwined lines, a glimpse of an helix… no doubt, this is the symbol of DNA. The structure of DNA has completely revolutionized our view of the world, the double helix allowed us to understand how genetic information is transmitted to progeny and how we could decypher the instructions encoded in genes.

On 25th of April every year we celebrate the World DNA Day, as a memento of the article published in 1953 by Watson and Crick proposing the Nobel Prize winning model for the DNA structure. Back to back papers of Wilkins and particularly, of Rosalind Franklin were also published showing the instrumental DNA  X-ray difraction images that inspired Watson and Crick.

Indeed, the discovery of the molecular structure of DNA turned the Genetics field upside down. Thanks to the progress of molecular genetics, we can nowadays elucidate the biological function of any gene in health and disease, identify its mutations and perform the genetic diagnosis of hereditary diseases.

We invite you to discover some basics about genetics in our FAQs.

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